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Yo, 2 make it easier 2 remeba ma site i've made my sitez addresse shorta. Itz www.DaSingh.cjb.net

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Newz Letta

Sat 31st July
Oi, i got bare stuff 2 say man!!! do yall lik da nu luk of Dasingh? Cuz i tink it b gangsta, ne wayz, i jus added bare funny picz, go check em out man, der b lik 14 pic der o sumtin, trust, n lastly, if yall kinda angry bout da gamez room sumtimez not workin, dat aint ma fault, itz miniclipz, hopefuly itll b don soon dawgz. aight safe, l8r!!!!!!!!

Sat 24th July
7111 peepz bin on dis site man, gangsta, ne wayz itz ma suma holidayz from skool man, heavy, yall probly b getin ur holidayz soon but we get ourz now!!!

Sat 17th July
Waaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuppppppppppppppp, aint got nutin 2 say so llow it dawg!!

Sat 10th July
oi go 2 da jokez page n luk at all of em, send me an email man 2 giv me sum ideaz!!!

Sat 3rd July
Kidha, sat sri ik kal!!!! oi our suma holidayz b comin up soon man, datz gona b phat man!!!

Sat 3rd July
sup man!! yall gota b givin me ideaz 2 put up man, so click here 2 send me an email.

Sat 26th June

Sat 19th June
yall gota c 50 cent man, go 2 jokez o click here 2 c im!!!

Sat 12 June
Yo, ive added all dese phat jokez, lik da singhsonz n otha heavy stuff man, so yall gota c dis!!!

Sat 5th June 04:
Safe all ma g'z. lol, itz ma sitez pretty close 2 hitin 2000 visiter so keep comin here!!!!

Sat 29th May 04:
I got bare tingz. In da gamez room derez a game searcha, if ne of yall need 2 find a game go 2 dat. Ima set up a jokez page, send me sum jokez, click here 2 send me an email. Datz it blad, l8r!!!!!!!!!

Sat 22nd May 04:
wazzzuuuppppppppppp!!!! All yall peepz dat jus started comin 2 dis site sign ma guestbook!!

Sat 15th May 04:
sup yall, ima llow sayin netin , soz, l8r!!!!!!!!!!

Sat 8thth May 04:
I got bare heavy ideaz, ill put em up soon.

Sat 1st May 04:
Ima still tryin 2 get som tingz.

Sat 24th April 04:
safe, ima tryin 2 get sum tingz in da gamez room, if ne of yall tink i should add sumtin click here 2 send me an email.

Sat 17th April 04:
Kidha peepz, i aint got nutin 2 say, l8r yall!!!

Wed 14th April 04:
soz i aint added nutin 4 da newz leta, but i just got bak from ma holiday 2day. soz.

Sat 3rd April 04:
yo, itz da start of our holidayz. datz phat. 2 weekz of no skool. yo, i got a few ideaz, so i'll b putin dem up l8r. but i need mo.

Sat 27th Mar 04:
i changed a few tinz, not much. i aint got ne ideaz, so click here 2 send me a email. safe.

Sat 20th Mar 04:
Wazzap!!! u peepz aight. ne wayz i aint added ne tin bec i aint had time. soz!

Sat 13th Mar 04:
kidha, i've changed da addresse 2

Sat 6th Mar 04:
im tryin 2 find mo thangz 2 add 2 dis site. i'll update it l8r!

Sat 28th Feb 04:
yo i u got any wayz i can improve ma site click here to email me!

Sat 21th Feb 04:
kiddha!! wat all u peepz sayin. soz i aint been addin anythin 2 ma site. l8r

Sat 14th Feb 04:
Buurraahh!! waz up. yo peepz sign ma guestbook!!!

Sat 14th Feb 04:
Yo happy Valentines day, hope all u boyz got som buff kuriya!

Sat 7th Feb 04:
Chak de Phuta!! Im gonna add bear thingz on ma site l8r, so look out 4 dem!

Sat 24th Jan 04:
Waz up all u punjabiz! Yo i added som heavy khanda and i got som mo' khanda followin da cursor!

Sat 17th Jan 04:
Kiddha, i've now made a new email addresse, look at da main page 4 da addrese!!

Sat 10th Jan 04:
Yo, wat u sayin peeps. im settin up a email addresse if u got any questionz or commentz on dis site!!!

Sat 3rd Jan 04:
Kidha. Yo respect 2 every 1 who showed da goreh how us punjabiz party wit da bacardi n all dose peepz who got wasted!!

Sat 27th Dec 03:
Hope u had a merry christmas. Also itz new yearz soon. Have a happy one!!!!

Sat 20th Dec 03:
Wat u sayin. I added bear thingz. Enjoy!!

Sat 13th Dec 04:
Sat Sree Ik kal, im a joka, yo itz christmas soon. Soz i aint been updatin dis site recently. L8r!!

Sat 6th Dec 03:
Yo it waz ma birthday 4 dayz ago. It waz phat!!

Sat 29th Nov 03:
kiddha, ma sitez goin smoothly so far. I recomend da gamez room!!

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